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Black Temples album debut on Razzia Notes is an intense story with impressive dynamics. With Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) in the producer's seat - the band, that has been called the country's most violent live act, explores new territory in their musical landscapes...
A primitive primordial drive fights it out with immediate melodies, performed with an everpresent sense that each note can be the last.

The end may be near, but "It All Ends" is just the beginning.

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The best of both worlds.
Is how you would describe Black Temple's debut on Razzia Notes. A primitive primordial force fights it out with immediate melodies. With Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna in the produc- er's seat the band felt safe to try new unexplored musical landscapes.

- He's like a magician. It was absolutely magical to work with him, says the group's guitarist Marcus Witold.
Since its inception in 2010, the band has built a reputation as one of the country's most violent live bands. The hot-headed trio of Helsingborg only know one way to play music: as if each tone were the last. This is evident when the group stands on the stage and it is also the attitude that permeates the sequel to "Abysmal Despair" (Transubstans Records, 2012). The desperate feeling that everything will one day will end.

"It All Ends" would actually have been released earlier but the live shows, including a three-week European tour with Bombus, intervened. Today, says Marcus Witold that delay alone was beneficial.

- We have been able to refine the songs and found a new approach to songwriting. Today, every- one is much more involved than in the past.

Even their friend and singer / songwriter Sebastian Wijk were invited into the songwriting to supply his sense for melodies to the band's brutality. If "Abysmal Despair" tasted a bit like MC5 were still playing - this sequel is a completely different dynamic story. The recording took place in Studio Hufvudstaden, Söderköping with Magnus Lindberg in the producer's seat while tastefully minimalist cover was photographed by Johanna Torell.

And now it is finally time for the debut release on Razzia Notes as Marcus Witold call "Sweden's coolest record label". The hope is that "It All Ends" brings more opportunities to trash instru- ments and amplifiers in clubs around the world. When each tone is presented as if our life's was at stake, it is clear that things go overboard sometimes. This is a band who are passionate about their music. Three musicians who will give their utmost before everything is over.

"It All Ends" is just the beginning.

Marcus Witold (guitar)
Jesper Karlsson (drums)
Jonas Pedersen (bass, vocals)


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